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Matyjasik - Staszewska Holly Law Firm is one of the recognizable law firms in Poland providing legal services for Polish and foreign business entities. Thanks to experience and continuous improvement of skills, we offer our clients professional services which guarantee optimal legal security.
Our advantage is to adapt to individual client’s needs and forms of cooperation preferred by him and (being consequent of such an approach) focus on seeking the most favorable solutions for a particular entrepreneur in his specific situation. The commitment to high quality of our services is our motto.
While providing of services, each of our employees with the utmost diligence observes the professional secrecy and protect personal data entrusted by clients. In entrusted debt collection cases, we advise clients on the best solutions both in terms of speed and efficiency of proceedings, and the expediency of the costs incurred.

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Range of services

Economic law

  • The Establishment, merger, transformation and division of companies subject to commercial law,
  • Legal service for shareholders' meetings and meetings of company bodies,
  • Due diligence before acquisition and sale of companies,
  • Preparation, evaluation and legal verification of contracts in the course of trade, including agreements based on foreign or international law,
  • Representation in front of commercial and registered courts.
  • Experience in disputes with state treasury companies (kghm) and budgetary entities (zus)

The law of securities and the capital market

  • Preparation of documents introducing companies to the Warsaw Stock Exchange and Newconnect together with monitoring of the entire implementation process,
  • Analysis of capital instruments and their optimization in terms of operations and customer preferences,
  • Representation before the Financial Supervision Authority.

Labor law

  • Comprehensive service for companies in the scope of formulating employee documentation and its storage,
  • Advice on ad hoc matters concerning, among others, exemptions from the obligation to work, terminate employment contracts, temporary posting to perform other work, settlement of holidays and absences, qualifying actions and omissions of employees as activities covered by procedural penalties,
  • Preparation of internal instructions regarding instructions on the circulation of contracts, the application of penalty cards and regulations,
  • Representation of employers in processes with employees (mostly appeals from termination of employment contracts),
  • Participation in non-standard cases (mobbing, discrimination, military employment).

Medical law

  • The compensation for medical error
  • We provide legal services to public and non-public Health Care Centers.
  • We help entities negotiate contracts with the National Health Fund.
  • We provide advice regarding the civil liability of doctors and medical personnel for damages incurred in the course of performing medical treatments, including:

    patient's consent (actions without the consent of the patient, replacement consent, coercion of treatment, refusal to provide assistance),

    performing the procedure (performing an unnecessary procedure, using unproven methods, leaving the foreign body in the operating field),

    medical malpractice

  • We represent the client in the processes of posing the claimes in connection with bodily injury or health disorder resulting from medical malpractice committed in the course of performing medical treatments.
  • Representation of entrepreneurs in front of the Chief of Medical Chamber

Copyright and intellectual property rights

  • Advising on copyright laws regarding the use of third-party works in the conducted activity along with the preparation, giving opinions and verification of agreements regarding the transfer and sharing of copyrights to other entities,
  • Preparation of documents related to conducting business in the field of sales of goods and services (IT - license agreements, implementation agreements, service contracts, supervision agreements, outsourcing, etc.,
  • Applying in practice the laws of copyright and related rights, with particular reference to the provisions on computer programs for the protection of databases, industrial property law, combating unfair competition,
  • Representation in disputes (including court cases) for infringement of rights under the Industrial Property Law, copyright and related rights

Public procurement law

  • Legal advice in the field of implementation of projects in the public procurement procedure together with the preparation of tender documentation,
  • Preparation of contracts concluded with entities selected in the proceedings,
  • Making appeals against the KIO's judgment, including all other letters, ie. legal protection measures.

Bankruptcy and restructuring law

  • Preparing and conducting arrangement and bankruptcy proceedings,
  • Advising in the scope of pursuing the satisfaction of claims in bankruptcy and recovery proceedings,
  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy and recovery proceedings,
  • Preparing applications for bankruptcy and preparation of arrangement proposals,
  • Help in choosing between bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

Civil law

  • Cases regarding compensation and redress,
  • Inheritance matters,
  • Civil matters for payment,
  • Matters in the field of property law, including property law, dissolution of co-ownership, expropriation, acquisitive prescription, division of property,
  • Matters for establishing easements,
  • Matters regarding the regulation of the legal status of real estate,
  • Matters related to real estate trading,
  • Matters regarding the division of property,
  • Issues related to evictions,
  • Debt collection.

Family law

  • Representing the plaintiff and the defendant in cases of divorce and separation, alimony and the division of the marriage co-owner property community,
  • Representing the applicant and the participant in cases regarding the division of property,
  • Handling cases for alimony (raising, lowering),
  • Arrangements regarding parental authority, parent-child contact, disputes between parents and children, and between parents regarding important child issues.

Meet our team

  • Monika Matyjasik-Staszewska Advocate / Trustee / Managing partner

  • Tomasz Holly Managing partner

  • Anna Kuchta Legal Counsel

  • Agnieszka Sieńko Legal Counsel

  • Agnieszka Kowalczyk Legal Counsel / Trustee

  • Krzysztof Makulski Tax Advisor

  • Robert Falkowski Assistant

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